Saturday, August 23, 2008

Happy Halloween

Letters to Mena, Vol. 3

Dear Mena,

This morning I went to coffee with my friend and our pastor Melissa and tried to figure out some church stuff. I think she's wanting to get it resolved or partially resolved before you're born. I'm not sure it will happen, church stuff moves mighty slow.

I came home around noon and your mom and I worked feverishly, well kind of feverishly, in putting your room together. It was really just last minute details that we were working on, things like putting your stroller and bassinet together. For whatever reason, your mom and I worked together like we haven't in years. Her reading the instructions and me asking, "What? Put what thing in what thingamajig?." We got it worked out, and the house is pretty much ready for you. There was an electricity in the air today for whatever reason, and we were both determined to make all of the final adjustments to our home in order to prepare for your descent into our lives.

Something interesting came up tonight. As you may be less than two months old when the time comes, I asked your mother if we were going to dress you up in a Halloween costume this October. She said that she had planned on it. Halloween is a holiday where people give you candy. You won't have teeth. Let this letter be a record that shows you'll probably be in costume this October 31st and that we fully intend to use that to our advantage to score your candy.

I think you're understanding everything alright. We won't have any candy of our own and will be stealing yours this year. You're right, life isn't fair.

Thanks in advance anyway,