Thursday, March 05, 2009

White Noise

We started off having Mena listen to a white noise CD when she was sleeping. After that, she graduated to a CD of lullabies. This album was perfectly fine. My wife brought home a new-agey CD from the daycare where she works, which was acceptable also. It was a mixture of music and nature sounds. Naturally, our five-month-old daughter woke each day ready to camp or shoot wolves from a helicopter as it was making her pretty outdoorsy. At least, I am imagining it was.

A couple of days ago the CD player in her bedroom started making an ack-ack-ack noise and wouldn't read discs. Had it not been a CD player but a '73 Dodge Duster instead, I'd have blamed the solenoid, the starter, or both.

It was then that I decided to try the local NPR affiliate. It works just fine for her to sleep to, and I'm actually more than a little happy in a nerdy sort of way. While other people's kids are listening to dumbass children's music, my kid is listening to classical fucking music all night long and getting caught up on current events when Morning Edition comes on.

Hell yeah.